The major advance, represented by the discovery of the class of calreticulin mutants, where a new sequence results from the frameshift induced by insertions and deletions in exon 9 of calreticulin gene, allows MyeloPro, through a protected intellectual portofolio, to engineer immunotherapy approaches aiming to eradicate the mutated clone and stem cells, thus preventing its further evolution.


The company will also focus on the first on capitalizing on the novel mechanism by which mutants of calreticulin activate pathologically the thrombopoietin receptor to persistently activate JAK2 and STAT5/3/1 leading to pathologic proliferation of megakaryocytes.


MyeloPro explores three approaches in targeting MPN malignant cells:


  • immunotherapy
  • vaccination
  • small molecules


All three projects are in the discovery (hit-to-lead transition) stage at the moment.